Raine & Horne Lower North Shore

Rotary Lane Cove barbeque sponsored by Raine & Horne Lower North Shore will be operating at the plaza on Fair Day.

Lane Cove Fire Station

We are very pleased and excited to announce that the Lane Cove Fire Station will have a presence at the Lane Cove Rotary Fair this year. Kids will be able to have a tour of the firetruck and a play with the fire hose. There will also be information material available on home fire safety. In addition the fire station will be offering free home fire safety visits. Please make sure to visit the fire-truck when you are at the Fair.

Street Side Medics

A GP led, truly mobile, medical clinic which collaborates with pre-existing homeless charities, shelters, and services to provide primary healthcare specifically for the homeless community. This not-for-profit mobile medical centre for the homeless community of NSW. Street Side Medics and their Founder, Dr Daniel Nour will be visiting the fair for a few hours in-between their mobile clinic sites.