Our Fair

The Rotary Club of Lane Cove has been organising a street Fair in Lane Cove for past 29 years since 1993.

We are pleased to announce the Fair is running again this year 2024.  

Sustainability Lane sponsored by Lane Cove Council will be in the Canopy area and the Amusement rides will be located near the library.

This year stall holders and attendees will follow sustainability practices such as the removal of Single Use plastics from the Fair.

Our Objectives

  • To host an event that brings the community together and provides a fun and educational experience for families
  • To allow community groups to showcase their activities and attract new members
  • To encourage respectful public engagement with Rotarians, marshalls, stall-holders, visitors and volunteers
  • To provide a market where local (and further afield) artisans can sell their wares
  • To raise money for local, regional and international community projects supported by Rotary Lane Cove